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DSM34 Postal Police Rifle


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Here is a circa 1938 Mauser Model DSM34 .22cal Postal Police training rifle.  This small bore single shot rifle was manufactured by Mauser in 1938 for the Deutsche Reich Postschutz for use in firearms training.  These Mauser rifles will be found in a short serial number range indicating a one time purchase of these trainers by the Deutsches Reich Postschutz.  The matching serial number rifle is property marked to the Schweinfurt Postal Police on the stock. 




DSM action left.JPG

DSM chamber.JPG

DSM action right.JPG

DSM stock DRP marking.JPG

DSM stock stock serial.JPG

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Very interesting gun! Having worked in the mailing industry many years ago, I'm always interested in seeing postal related items. But never saw a post office rifle before! 

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Thanks guys.  


The definitive book on these deutsche Sport Model (DSM) trainers is, John Speed, "Mauser Smallbores Sporting, Target & Training Rifles" This book covers the Mauser made models in great detail including information such as serial number ranges.  Another excellent book on the DSM and the KKW is by Robert Simpson, "Training Rifles of Third Reich Germany".  Robert's book covers all makers and end users of these rifles,


mikie, here is a Post Office stamp block showing the Postschutz armed with rifles while guarding communications (which included telephone traffic).  BTW, I also have an 8mm Kar.98 specifically made for the Postschutz by Mauser.  




Postschutz stamps.JPG

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