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WWII Japanese Equipment Plate- ZERO?!?!?

Allan H.

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Here is one of the more unusual war souvenirs that I have come across. This bronze plate which I would say is approximately 3" x 4" is mounted to a plexiglass square and has a lamp made out of an artillery shell casing attached to the plexiglass.


The story that I got is that the plate came off of a kamikaze plane that hit a US ship during World War II. One of the sailors salvaged to plate and piece of plexiglass from the plane and made it into a lamp. According to the family member, the veteran was quite proud of the lamp and his salvaging of the plate and plexiglass.


I took some photos, but the bronze is dark and I did my best to try to highlight the various kanji in the photos.


I would really be grateful if I could get some help with the translation and also to determine whether this actually came off of an aircraft, or if it came off of some random piece of equipment.


Thanks in advance.







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The kanji more or less says the same as the english


Fukuoka Prefecture, Wakamatsu City

March 1932 No. 308

Tobata Metal Casting Company Wakamatsu Factory


Seems the company made various things but was associated with automobile parts and Nissan

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