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British MOD Survival Knife

Boy Howdy

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I just picked up this J. Adams 1999 MOD survival knife.

It is a beast. Basically a sharpened pry bar.

To my surprise I couldn't find 1 thread about this robust knife in this entire forum.

Anyone out there own one or more of these? Anyone ever used one in the field?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.




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I found one a long time ago at of all places the flea market and have never used it out in the field.   It kind of reminded me weight wise of the USMC bolo knife that corpsman carried in the field.  I read that It was being issued at the time I found mine to the British Parachute Regiment.  I thought at the time that will all of the kit that a soldier has to carry this would be burdensome to carry as it seemed to weigh a ton.  Mine has a lighter brown wooden handle like the one pictured below without anything stamped along the side of the blade.  These were originally designed by Wilkinson back in 1953.  I found this write up on this knife:


The British M.O.D. Survival Knife is endorsed by the British Ministry of Defence and made in England with two primary design criteria – efficiency and simplicity. The hefty blade is made of high-carbon steel so it’ll retain an edge even under heavy use, and it’s treated with a corrosion-resistant phosphate coating.

Designed for military use, the blade was developed for use both fighting and in survival situations, so it’s ideal for chopping, slicing, and carving. The handle is made from Bubinga, a dense and moisture-resistant wood that is fastened to the tang with corrosion-resistant copper rivets.

The knife has a total length of 12″, with a blade length of 7″, and a leather sheath comes as standard. Each is made to British Ministry of Defence standards and is stamped with a NATO identification number



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Yep I carried one once! After a few contact drills got fed up stopping and picking it up off the ground because it was handle heavy and turned over in its useless vinyl sheath and fell out. Remedy put the dam thing in your pack and hand back to the store when you get home. Too heavy, you need a sand stone wheel to sharpen, you could use it to dig a silt trench but we already carried an entrenching tool.

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Yep. No positive feedback on this knife, as issued, anywhere on the web.

Oh well, I guess it will be moved along eventually.

Thanks guys.

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You guys have covered most of the info already. Here's mine, I had a friend take the edge back, that miniscule factory edge was not to my liking, you can shave with mine if you wished to, still has the God awful sheath, though.

When I was a kid in the 80's in the UK these were pushed on cadets and scouts as the latest great thing, it has some good points.

I recalled the marketing when I saw this, was too broke as a kid, it's too cumbersome for my needs.


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