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UNPFK - UNPIK - 8240th AU Website


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Hope this post finds everyone doing well.


I wanted to put a link to my Korean War UNPFK - UNPIK - 8240th AU website.




The website is the most comprehensive site on the Unit and is dedicated to the history and insignia of the US Army Advisors and Partisans that served with the 8240th AU during the Korean War.
The website features compressed histories, rare documents, insignia, patches, ephemera, personal items, photographs, uniforms and equipment as well as section on the enemy - CCF/NKPA.
Please contact me if you have any questions, information, documents, insignia, photographs, uniforms etc.... pertaining to the UNPFK/UNPIK/8240th AU -8112th AU that you would like to share with me.




Matt Force



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Bill Scott

One of the finest most informative websites on the internet. Years of work, love, and dedication went into it. It is a must see for anyone looking into early Special Operations units of the Korean War. Bill Scott aka Rarepatchman

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Dennis Kim

Matt's site is "Second to None" and one of my primary focuses. I recently obtained Capt. John Noefus grouping and reunited it with his Valor Awards. Other foundation items in my collection besides insignia are the Unit's Flag, the only combat uniform that is known as of this date from MSG. Charles Lamb. and one of two attributed sets of partisan Wolfpack insignia known in private collections.

8240 John J Neofes 4.jpg

1 Noefus.jpg

UNPIK Flag.webp

18 Lamb photo 5 (2) - Copy - Copy.jpg

18 The Magnificent 7 Wolfpack.jpg

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