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PLEASE HELP - Patches (collar tabs) and Hat Kokarde - Authentic or NOT?


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Hello, I picked these up at a flea market.

I want to know if they are authentic WWII era or not.

I was told that the blue collar tabs are Bundeswehr.  Do they look OK?
I was told that the IV collar tab is a REPRO.  I would like to confirm.
Lastly is the Luft hat kokarde authentic?

pataches 3.jpeg

patches 4.jpeg

pataches 6.jpeg

patches 4.jpeg

patches 5.jpeg

I picked them up with these other US patches which I DO believe are WWII vintage (other than the Vietnam era Ace of Spades, 88nd AB and 308th.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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I think you were correctly told about the insignia.  The blue litzen appear to be Bundeswehr and the skull tab is a reproduction.  I can't see enough details of the Luftwaffe cap insignia to offer an opinion.  

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