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Brazilian Atlantic Campaign Medal


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Hi folks,


Bringing one more medal from my collection. This is the Brazilian Atlantic Campaign Medal, created in 1948, to be awarded to active, reserve, retired soldiers and civilian who have distinguished themselves in the provision of services related to the Brazilian Air Force actions in the South Atlantic, in the preparation and performance of special missions, entrusted by the Government, in the period of 1942 to 1945. Its commonly seen in WW2 Coast Patrol groups, including PBY Catalina crews. 


Characteristics: made in oxidized bronze.


Face: Circular shape, with an airplane flying over a warship. (usually a Catalina, but there is a less common version with a P47 - I believe private purchases or something like it, not clear for me yet). There is also an inscription on the top "Campanha do Atlântico” (Atlantic Campaign), in capital letters, with a five-pointed star in the center of the lower curve.


Reverse: “F.A.B.” on the top and “1942" and "1945” on the bottom, in capital letters separated by a five-pointed star. In the center of the disc is the FAB emblem. The medal is attached to the ribbon, in the form of stylized wings, in oxidized bronze.

Ribbon: king-blue flame-blended, with five gold-yellow threads, vertically disposed, one in the center and the others 4mm apart from each other. For use on the left side of the chest.


This medal is part of a group from one of my coastal patrol groups, interesting is even having the shoulder ranks for the 'quartermaster', it have specific 'quartermaster wings', which I still researching for. The wings are probably 1947 on, but I plan to make a post only about the Wings (will all others I have) as soon as I'm able to get good information about.


Hope you like it!





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