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Police federal colt 45 Argentina and knife

River Rat1

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The Colt an early US made Hanford colt 45 made for the Federal Police of Argentia. Got the colt first then some years later at a Billing MT antique fair I found this knife saw the marks said dam that goes good with the 45 same crest and Argentina issued so bought it. Should start going to these things again you never know what you will find harder to find stuff in Montana was lucky that day. The 45 found on the net was a pain to get it shipped had to have it shipped to a shop 7 miles from me and pick it up there and pay a fee to the shop. The knife German made. The 45 number matching.








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When I got the colt the lanyard loop was bent, took it to a sporting goods store up in Helena that had a good gunsmith and had it inspected did not want it to blow up in my face. They found a replacement part in there parts bend with a nondamaged lanyard loop was used matched the age of the rest of the 45. And she safe to shoot. 

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