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National Museum of Military Vehicles, Dubois WY USA

River Rat1

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Just went to this museum on military vehicles in Wyoming. It might take two days to really see everything. Here is the address 6419 US Highway 26
Dubois, WY 82513. Open Every Day9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone: 307-455-3802 the website https://www.nmmv.org  A few photos for a teaser. They even got the first rifle that fire the first shot at bunker hill in the American revolution. A must-see museum. It's huge a maze of military vehicles tell you I had a hard time finding my way out. Mainly US military bust they have a small amount of WW2 German, Japanese, Italian tanks and vehicles. They even have a PBR river patrol boat and a STAB seal assault boat from the Vietnam war and Indian and Harley US Army motorcycles from WW2 they had a rare Indian with a drive shaft made for the desert because debris like sand was messing up the chains. I can post the American stuff if it's OK with the forum.






IMG_1818 - Copy.JPG


IMG_1817 - Copy.JPG


IMG_1815 - Copy.JPG

Know if anyone is planning a trip to Yellow Stone National Park this is not far from it, but you might want to spend two days just to see everything and take one guided tour you might learn stuff that you never knew about military vehicles and WW2 history, I leaned a few things.

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The owner of the collection gives tours himself and knows what he is talking about. And he has others also do tours or you can walk through on your own. There also a place to eat there and the food was better than most other museums I been to. He is saving history. He even has a real Higgins boat landing craft don't know how 32 men got stuffed in it. Veterans get in free.

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