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M16 Stahlhelm


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3 hours ago, ROSIERES64 said:

What was the color of the M16 Stahlhelm?



Helmets were painted at the factory with smooth low-gloss linseed oil based enamel paint. The color was designated as “field-gray”. The term field gray can be somewhat confusing as original helmets vary greatly in color. The official war department authorized formula was, 30% white pigment in an oil base, 15% ochre pigment (dry), 5% blue pigment (dry), 5% black pigment (dry) 20% turpentine, 10% siccative and 15% water. Yet original helmet paint can range from dark green to olive. Although some shades appear to be factory specific, it is not uncommon to find helmets produced at the same factory which exhibit variations in field gray. Color matching was not an exact science at the time which may explain the variation in shades of field gray. Once painted the helmets were oven cured at 120 degrees Celsius for eight hours.


From 'A Short History of the German Steel Helmet of the Great War'



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Gunner is quite right as to the color variations in helmet factory paint schemes.  Also, don't forget the various colors used to officially refurbish helmets, some being spray painted and some brush painted.  Then, of course there are the camouflage helmet paint schemes.  So many variations and so little time to collect them.  

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