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Silver Airship badge

Son of a gunner

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Son of a gunner

Hello again,


I am also uploading photos of a silver US Airship badge. The wings are 1.5 inches long and are of the pinback and rolling clasp design although the actual pin is missing. The badge seems heavy for its size.


The ones I have seen online have 'sterling' stamped on the reverse whereas mine does not. However I believe that there were examples made by other manufacturers that were possibly not marked sterling. Can anyone tell me whether this is an original 1930's piece or a later restrike?


It is widely believed that there were only around 70 US Army airship pilots in total.


Many thanks as ever

Son of a Gunner






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Hi Nigel,

Welcome to the WMF.  You may consider joining our sister forum, US Militaria Forum.  This forum here is primarily for Non US items and on the USMF there are quite a few very knowledgeable US wing collectors that can answer your questions regarding this airship wing. If you do post there please do not be disappointed if you do not receive an answer right away.  This week is the Show Of Shows (SOS) in Louisville KY and many many forum members are in attendance there. I assure you though that you will eventually receive your answers regarding this wing.  Hope you enjoy being part of both forums.

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