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Lithuanian Army Portrait, 1920’s, what Branch of the Lithuanian Army?


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I posted this family picture years ago. This forum verified the two uniformed brothers were in the Lithuanian Army. The one on the right in a Great War ( WW1) Army uniform. Lithuania purchased western surplus uniforms and changed buttons, etc….My question, the collar tabs on the brother on the left is in a Lithuanian uniform ( note collar tabs)- what branch? Notice the Tassel, can it have been a Calvary Uniform?


Also, where can I buy a few Lithuanian service medals of that era? This picture is from the 1920’s when Lithuania gained their brief Independence. I would like to put a display “ package” together for my son when I die. 

Heritage is important to me, and must be handed down not only with all “ stories” but “ hands on” items.


The couple pictured is my father’s parents who left Lithuania in the early 1920’s for America. Martha’s brother and Joes brother are pictured next to them., they remained in Lithuania and were never heard from after Germany occupied Lithuania in 1940. 

Martha and Joe’s son, Joe Jr. ( my father) was drafted into the US Army in 1944 and served in the 86th Infantry Division, wounded ( machine gunned) in April 1944 in the Ruhr Pocket, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, CIB, recipient.


None of our relatives back in Lithuania survived the war. Same story with my mother who fled Lithuania in 1944 ending up in Chicago in 1948.

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