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Your Collection Displays - Let's see them!

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You know morrosch, that is how these collections start out.  Just like potato chips... you can't eat just one.  


A very nice display.


"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson

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The vintage militaria I collect is packed away.  I've got so many different items from WW1 through Vietnam that I'd have no place to even attempt to display.


Rather instead, I've adorned my 'man cave' with things special to me from the 28 years I was in uniform.  My father was also career Army, and so I lived my life on and around military installations.  Elementary school in Germany, middle school in Belgium, two different high schools, etc


At age 17 my folks signed the waiver to enlist in the Army Reserve.  I was in the 11th grade, and did my basic training at Ft Dix, NJ the summer of 1980, between my junior and senior years in high school.  I joined the 11th Special Forces Group as a support Soldier, and right out of high school trained as a Radio Operator then to Airborne School.  Three years in 11th SF Group, I went Infantry and joined the 5th Pathfinder Platoon, at Ft Meade MD.


Three years later, in 1986, I enlisted Active Duty to be an Intelligence Analyst, and went right to 5th Special Forces Group, where I served the next 11 years.  I was in the First Gulf War with 2nd Battalion, 5th SF Group, and went into Kuwait with the Egyptian 9th Commando Regiment during the ground invasion.  I was awarded the Egyptian Commando Badge by the Egyptian Army afterwards.


I deployed three times to Somalia - twice with 2/5th SF Group and once with Special Operations Command - Central (SOCCENT) - as well as training missions to Zaire, Kenya, Egypt, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, among other places.


I served in Korea, as an advisor to the Republic of Korea VII Corps for a year, then to U.S. I Corps G2.  Trips to England, Thailand and Japan, followed by assignment to the 101st Airborne Div and USCENTCOM.  After graduating the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy I pulled some strings and returned "home" back to 5th Special Forces Group to conclude my career where I started it.  I made it back to my 2nd Battalion, and pulled two tours to Iraq with the unit.


I retired in 2008, and some of the former SF guys I'd known for many years pulled me over into a defense contract company with them, where I worked for 5 years, spending time in eastern Afghanistan.


For years my wife had tried to convince me to display some of my military stuff, but I never really wanted to do it.  We lived in relatively small places, and I just didn't feel comfortable with it.  We bought a large home with an office.  While I was in Afghanistan my wife painted the office, put up curtains and furnished it with a nice heavy desk, chair lamps and book shelves.  When I returned home from Afghanistan in 2011 my wife surprised me with the office.  She told me to make it mine.


It took some time, but I started to pull a few things out of my storage trunks and closet, and came up with a few ideas on how I wanted to put them up.


In the end, I literally covered my walls with items and photos which had special meaning to me.  This is my sanctuary.  We very rarely entertain company.  We have custody of two granddaughters, who like to play on my office floor while I work on the computer.


I hung up uniforms I wore in Gulf War, Somalia and Iraq - the helmets aren't the original ones I deployed with, however all the hardware: covers, NVG mounts, goggles, helmet bands, etc are the ones I actually wore at the time.


Some of my Iraqi bring-back helmets from the Gulf War and from Iraq, along with some of the other Iraqi items I brought home.  Special photographs of friends I served with. Some of my awards (Airborne, Pathfinder, Jumpmaster and Sniper school certificates.  My medals, as well as other assorted odds and ends.


I started with the helmet my father brought me when he returned from Vietnam.  I mounted it alongside one of my Iraqi helmets, and framed items from his time in Vietnam alongside similar items from my deployments.








Airborne - 11th SFGA.JPG

Airborne - 5th PFDR Plt.JPG

Airborne - 5th SFGA.JPG


















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I really enjoyed reading your intro and regarding your "man cave" (which is in fact a personal military museum IMHO"), AMAZING! Thank you very much for your outstanding contribution to this topic!

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